Monday, November 16, 2015

Learn to Laugh! - October 26th

Hey guys!
   This week was a good week of work in the office and the field!  It was great!  First, a new Elder came to the office, his name is Elder O.  Because of that, our tri was divided into two companionships.  I ended up with Elder C, an awesome missionary from the south of Brazil, C!  I´m told that it´s one of the prettiest cities in Brazil.  He´s basically the brazilian Uncle Eddy, a lot of times he says things and I the first thing that comes into my head is "That´s Uncle Eddy speaking portuguese!"  It´s kind of funny!
   In the field we´re working hard to bring souls unto Christ!  Yesterday we had a kind of cool experience as we were knocking doors.  We passed a door with lots of music and other sounds of partying, so we decided to not knock it.  Then we thought, "Well, at the very least we can just do a contact and mark for a better day with them" so we knocked the door.  A man in his early 20s answered the door, and let us enter instead!  We shared a message with him and his friend, and they both showed interest in the message and accepted an invitation to baptism!  After that they even let us eat a bit of their barbecue before we left, it was great!  Now it´s just a matter of seeing if they´ll act.  That´s always the decider!
   The work in the office is going well too.  It´s a steep learning curve and very stressful at times, but 
I´ve learned a secret to get through stressful times.  Learn to laugh!  
This was one of Elder Wirthlin´s pieces of advice in his last conference talk "Come What May, and Love It."  As I´ve started to laugh at my own errors instead of stressing out, I´ve found that I can maintain a positive mindset easier and my resolve and initiative remain unimpinged!  Sometimes it´s not natural, but I start by forcing a laugh and then pretty soon it becomes so natural that I can´t stop laughing about that stupid mistake I made!  So, follow Elder Wirthlin´s counsel and learn to laugh!  

Got to go now, but have a great week, everyone!  I love you all!
Elder Sweet

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