Monday, November 16, 2015

In The Middle of a City with 4 Million Inhabitants... - November 9

Hey all!

   So how´s everybody doing?  It looks like you guys had an awesome
week up in Utah with Grandpa!  Thanks for the pictures!  I´ve got some
pictures to send you, but another obstacle got in the way.  This P-day
we´re at a Lan house that´s not so secure, it has a reputation for
wiping the fotos from our SD drives, so it´ll have to wait a bit more.
I even got to eat a cashew fruit this week, it was awesome!  I ate one
and carried the other one with me the whole day through the sun and
rain to take a picture to send to you guys when I arrived at the
house, but those´ll have to wait a bit.  Sorry!

The cashew fruit was pretty good though! 
It´s a very different taste, and there´s not a
really good way to explain it. But it´s cool!

   Okay, so this week we´re hoping to have 2 baptisms!  One is W,
a man who´s been investigating the church for almost two months, and
Maria, that really sweet lady that I told you guys about last week.
I´m so excited for them!  I´ll let you know how it went next P-day,
but for now let me share the miracle of the week!

*(Reference the following in the entry dated April 19, 2016 Titled He Was Put In My Path... Again.)

   "I´m not sure if you remember, but last transfer in I. Elder
M. and I were teaching someone named R.  He was so awesome!
Unfortunately, he started passing through some difficulties and told
us that he didn´t want to hear the lessons any more.  That was hard, I
loved that guy!  Anyhow, yesterday we were coming back from lunch on
the bus, and I was standing right in the middle.  It took me a couple
minutes to notice, but right at my side was R!  He was looking
towards the front of the bus and talking on the phone, so he still
hadn´t seen me.  I almost screamed when I saw him "R!" then he
turned around and saw me.  We gave eachother a hug, he finished his
conversation on the phone, and then we caught up a bit.  He told me
that he´d recently moved (so the missionaries in Ipiranga weren´t able
to get back in touch with him), and that his brother had been murdered
just one month ago.  That came as a blow for me, because I´d taught
his brother several times too.  He was a great guy, and sincerely
trying to turn his life around.  I expressed my condolences and then
bore the best testimony that I could that God knows what we feel when
we lose someone like that, and that he has prepared a way so that this
separation could be only temporary.  I told him that I´d pray and fast
for him, and invited him to speak with the missionaries again.  He
accepted, and admitted the fact that he´s in need of help right now.
I came pretty dang close to crying as I spoke to him on that bus, but
I am so grateful that the Lord is aware of him enough to have guided
me literally to his side, in the middle of a city with 4 million
inhabitants.  Our Father truly is aware of each of our struggles, and
I am so grateful for the succor and aid that we can recieve through
our older brother!  This gospel is real, and Jesus Christ lives!  He
knows our pains and never flees nor fails us; he is always, always
there simply waiting for us to accept the help that he wants so badly
to give but that he´d never force upon us.  He loves us and knows us!"
Me eating the cashew fruit, 
and putting on display my after-rain hair do! (did I spell that right?)

Have a wonderful week, everyone!  I love you all!

Elder Sweet

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