Monday, November 16, 2015

Consistency Amid Change - September 21

Hey all!
This week was pretty great!  Let me tell you a bit about it!
So first, I did my first division this week!  I went to the ------- ward to work for a day with the District leader there. 
I´ll be honest, there´s a pretty steep learning curve to just about everything about being a Zone Leader, but I´m climbing it little by little! 
The Elders were having trouble talking to a decent number of people.  This area in particular doesn´t have a lot of people on the street, so when you get an opportunity to talk with someone you need to take advantage of it.  In all we saw that it´s not too difficult to talk with a decent number of people even in this area, you´ve just got to be consistent.
Consistency (that´s how you spell it, right?  I´m forgetting how to spell a lot of words in English, it´s a problem.  I tried speaking english a few days ago with a guy that we met who spoke english, and my english was worse than his, I could hardly get half a sentence out before switching back to portuguese or coming up with some kind of syntax that works in portuguese but just makes no sense in english.  Oh well, got a good laugh out of it!) is an interesting principle.  Something that we´ve been trying to help the missionaries here understand is that we have to be consistent in living gospel principles if we want to see the gospel blessings.  Sporadic application of true principles is not sufficient to work miracles in our lives, rather it is the consistent application of the basic principles of the gospel that brings miracles to pass.  This applies not just in the gospel but in many aspects in our lives.  Often we as missionaries are told that we need to talk with a lot of people to find the people that God is preparing to receive the gospel, so we get excited and talk with a ton of people for a day.  The next we work, but not with the same fire driving us.  Pretty soon the excitement dies, and we end up doing what we´ve always done.  Bu it is not this sporadic application of a true principle that brings the blessings!  Those missionaries that consistently apply themselves to talk to a large number of people each day are those that are guided by God to a greater number of people who are ready to listen!

A similar process is at work in our lives.  It is the consistent application of the basic principles of the gospel of Christ that brings to pass the mighty change in our hearts that the scriptures speak of, that causes us to no longer desire to do evil.  This is what God wants for us, but we must have the faith to act consistently in accord with the gospel to see this blessing in our lives. 
Okey-doke, I´ve got to go now!  I love you all a ton, keep telling me what´s going on on the home front!
Elder S.  

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