Monday, August 17, 2015

The Book of Mormon is the Word of God

Hey guys!
 What´s everybody doing?  Anything cool?  Tell me these things!  
This one´s of the staff!  From left to right,
Elder C., Elder T., Elder S. and Me!
Okay, so this weeks going to be pretty crazy here in the office!  We have a mission tour, and after that it´s already transfers.  Crazy, right?  We´ve got to coordenate the transfers as well and help everyone get to their new areas.  We´ve been working a lot in the past week!   Elder T, one of the Seventy, is going to visit the mission and give some training to us.  It´s going to be great!  Tomorrow the AP´s are coming into town to help us coordenate the mission tour, and then the other missionaries will start arriving.
The rest of the mission office
Next, this week I got to see how President Kuceki does the transfers.  I didn´t have quite the same image of how he does it, it really changed my perspective.  It is completely based on inspiration; I´ve got a much stronger testimony of that now.  President was working on the transfers last tuesday, and held a meeting with us that afternoon and told us what was going to happen in the transfer.  He explained what he was going to do with each of us and with some of the other missionaries, and then said that he just needed to say a prayer and get a confirmation from Heavenly Father that that was indeed what he wanted.  We finished the meeting and he entered his office again while we went back to work.  Then the time went passing by, and he didn´t come out.  10 minutes, 30 minutes, I think he passed a little over an hour in his office.  As we were getting ready to leave, President Kuceki came out of his office, smiled, and said "It changed!"  He then invited us into his office and showed us where each of the missionaries would be.  It was really neat to hear him explain it!  A lot of things had changed from what he had explained before, and with many of the transfers he told us that he didn´t understand why the Lord wanted so-and-so in such-and-such a position, etc.  It´s someting that´s difficult to explain, but my testimony in the fact that the Lord guides his church has certainly grown as a result of seeing President Kuceki doing the transfers.
   Finally, I. will get baptized this saturday!  We´re really excited for her, it´s been such a neat experience teaching her.  She studies a lot, I´ve never taught anyone that put so much time and effort into studying and understanding what we leave with her.  We spent a whole lesson explaining her questions about 2 Nephi 2:5-7, she wanted to understand the atonement well!  We´re really excited for her baptism, so keep praying for her!
Our "salinha,"this is where the Finance Secretaries do our work!

   Okey-doke, I´ve got to go!  I love you all so much, and i know that Christ lives!  The Book of Mormon is the word of God, and anyone who reads and ponders it with an open heart, and then asks God can know that.  What a marvellous promise!  I love you all so much, have a wonderful week!

Elder S.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Night the Lights Went Out

Hey all!

   Okey-doke, let me tell you guys a bit about this week!  First, sorry for not sending any pictures last week, the LAN house that we went to has a reputation for somehow deleting all of the pictures on storage devices that are used there, so I tried to avoid the risk!  This week went pretty great, though!

Isa. traveled this weekend to visit her Dad in Brasília, and will travel up there this weekend as well.  So, we've remarked her baptismal date for the 22 of August, and she´s excited for it!  She also started reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning and is loving it.  She especially enjoyed Lehi´s vision of the tree of life and the explanation of that vision given in
Nephi´s vision.  It´s so awesome to see someone who just loves everything about the gospel!

On another day this past week we got home at night and found that our lights weren´t on.  Elder T. and I knew that we had paid the energy bill, so we were a little confused about why that happened.  Anywho, our land lady lent us some candles and we got to do our planning by candlelight!

 Elder Santos at the desk the night the lights went out. 
We´ve since organized our desks a little better to reduce
the fire risk should that happen again lol!  
It reminded me of a talk by President Monso (
where he talked about a family that had used candlelight for many years, but then managed to get electricity.  During a year especially difficult for them (they were farmers), the heavy rains had destroyed all of their crops, with the exception of just a few turnips.  That thanksgiving they had nothing but a rabbit to eat with their turnips, and the children were so upset by the lack of substance to provide them with "something to be thankful for."  To try to bring things into perspective, the father asked his children to fetch the old oil lamps and candles that they had used in the past and to light them.  They then turned off all of the electric lights in the house, and they could hardly believe how dark it had been all of those years that they had lived by candlelight.  The children, struck by the contrast in lighting, suddenly realized that they had a lot to be thankful for, and even in a tough year they had still been abundantly blessed.  We figured out the problem with our electricity the next day, but I was able to take some pictures first!  I´ll attachthem to this E-mail.

   The work as Financial Secretary´s going pretty well, too!  I´ve gotten hang of almost everything except the houses.  There´s always something that we´ve never seen before going on with the houses: missionaries who just move into a new house without giving us time to get a contract put together or not even lettinng us know, landlords that want a rent increase, the law company needing us to update the data on the houses, etc.  I´m still lost when we start working on the houses, but I´ll get up to speed there eventually!  It is a lot of fun, I´m pretty excited!  

   In two weeks an Area Seventy is going to visit the mission too.  This week is going to be pretty busy for us because we´ve got to buy all of the bus tickets to bring all the missionaries in the mission to Goiânia, and then the next week is going to be the visit from the seventy and that´s going to be crazy as well.  The week after that is transfers, and that too will be crazy!  But crazy´s good!  We enjoy the challenge!
Brazilian BBQ for P-day!  It was my first time trying Picanha,
 it´s the king of the cuts here in Brazil!  It was pretty dang good,
 i´ll be honest.  We made Garlic Bread on the grill too, try it!

 I´ve got to take off now, but here´re some pics for yáll!  Have an awesome week!

Elder Sweet

Friday, August 14, 2015

Faith Is Like A Seed

Hey guys!  Great news!
   So the girl that I talked about last week, I., is going to get baptized on Saturday!  She´s one of the best investigators I´ve ever had, she understands everything that we teach her and everything that she reads in the scriptures.
Image from

We left Alma 32 with her to read after teaching her and inviting her to pray and ask God if what we taught her is true, and we had a surprise when we returned for the next visit.  She´d marked up the whole chapter, underlining some parts, highlighting others, and proceeded to teach us the lesson that we had planned for her.  She understood everything!  She understood what we need to do to obtain an answer from God, why at times people don´t receive answers and what needs to be changed in our hearts so that we can receive an answer.  It was so great!  She´s already made friends with all of the girls in the Young Women´s organization and goes to all of their activities on her own, she´s as golden an investigator as they come!
   This week Elder S. and I are going to focus on preparing her for baptism and finding some more good investigators.  It´s amazing how many people there are that are prepared and ready to receive the message of the fulness of the gospel.  The more I learn about missionary work the more and more I see how little it is that we do, and how much the Lord does in the conversion of people.  He prepares them, guides them to us or us to them, sends the spirit to testify, etc.  We are a very small piece in a grand image that shows how much he loves us!  As we look for these kinds of experiences in our lives, we´ll see how much he blesses us!
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Got to go now, but I love you all so much!  Have an awesome week!
Elder Sweet