Friday, August 14, 2015

Faith Is Like A Seed

Hey guys!  Great news!
   So the girl that I talked about last week, I., is going to get baptized on Saturday!  She´s one of the best investigators I´ve ever had, she understands everything that we teach her and everything that she reads in the scriptures.
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We left Alma 32 with her to read after teaching her and inviting her to pray and ask God if what we taught her is true, and we had a surprise when we returned for the next visit.  She´d marked up the whole chapter, underlining some parts, highlighting others, and proceeded to teach us the lesson that we had planned for her.  She understood everything!  She understood what we need to do to obtain an answer from God, why at times people don´t receive answers and what needs to be changed in our hearts so that we can receive an answer.  It was so great!  She´s already made friends with all of the girls in the Young Women´s organization and goes to all of their activities on her own, she´s as golden an investigator as they come!
   This week Elder S. and I are going to focus on preparing her for baptism and finding some more good investigators.  It´s amazing how many people there are that are prepared and ready to receive the message of the fulness of the gospel.  The more I learn about missionary work the more and more I see how little it is that we do, and how much the Lord does in the conversion of people.  He prepares them, guides them to us or us to them, sends the spirit to testify, etc.  We are a very small piece in a grand image that shows how much he loves us!  As we look for these kinds of experiences in our lives, we´ll see how much he blesses us!
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Got to go now, but I love you all so much!  Have an awesome week!
Elder Sweet

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