Monday, May 16, 2016

Mini CTM

Falaaaaaaaa Família!   

How is everyone?  I hope that this week has been great for you all!

   Anyhow, this week we had a lot of work to do, but the work´s still going forward!  We travelled with President K. to I. (my first area!), C. N., and H. to do housing checks.  That was cool!  It was a lot of fun to see I. again, even if it was just a few minutes.  Aside from that, we had to spend a decent amount of time in the office this week helping Elder A. learn the ropes.  He´s now the new Financial Secretary!  He´s going to be great, he´s learning really quick.  It´s kind of funny when we call him sometimes and he´s stressed out.  One time we called him and the very first thing he said was "HELP ME!!!!"  But he´s coming at it with an excellent attitude!

   G. and P. are closer than ever to baptism!  We just need their parent's permission, and then it´s just water!  Please pray that their parents soften their hearts and let them get baptized!  
   This week Elder Z. and I are going to give a great effort to talk with more people.  Our goal is 300 contacts each.  This will help us to find more people to teach, and as well show the Lord that we have faith that he will guide us to people that are ready to be baptized!  It´s amazing what the Lord does when we show him faith!

   This week I spake in the sacrament meeting, and talked about the blessings of living the restored gospel.  I talked about how we recieve the spirit when we keep our baptismal covenant, and how he works in our hearts to change our natures and make us more christlike.  The promise of having the Holy Ghost with us is so much greater than I thought before the mission!  It really is an incredible promise and does so much for us!  

I´ve got to go, but I love you all a ton!  Have a great week!
Four Stake Mini MTC with Prospective Missionaries

Elder Sweet

Sending Pictures


I´m really sorry about not sending pictures.  The problem here is the sun.  There are so many UV rays here that I´m worried that my camera will get skin cancer, so I try to keep it inside.  Just kidding!  I´ll try to change my habits and take more pictures, sorry about that!  G´s just a little more robber prone, so I started just leaving my camera at home.  I´ll try to get into the habit of taking with me at least on P-day.

The office has already bought my plane ticket.  Just so you know my returns going to be about a month early.  The church sends all American Elders here in Brazil home with about 1 year and 11 months so that they don´t have difficulties with the visas.  Technically my Visa would allow me to stay longer, but the area presidency decideded several months back that there would be no exceptions to the rule.  That´s a bummer!  

I love you guys a ton, and I´ll start sending pictures just like the other missionaries!

Elder Sweet

Skipe for Mothers Day

Falaaaaaaaa Família!   


E Esse Calor!

Man, it´s been pretty hot lately!  Brazilian heats on another level, let me tell you!  But the people are great, we get offered water in every house we enter so it´s okay!

   Anywho, what´s up?  This week was transfers, so the beginning of the week was pretty crazy for us.  The last half of the week we were able to do a lot of work in our area, so that was great!  

    We´ve got two investigators that are really progressing well, they´re P. and G.  I still haven´t taken a picture with them, sorry!  It´s a lot of fun teaching them because they read everything that we leave with them, they pray, and the gospel makes sense to them.  

   Yesterday we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to G, and he loved the lesson.  He said "of all the churches that I´ve attended up til now, this one makes the most sense by far."  He´s reading the book of mormon daily and has already gained a testimony of his own.  He´s 16 years old, and got to know the church when a friend invited him to seminary.

   P. is also progressing great.  He loves coffee, so we´re working with him on that one.  Yesterday in the lesson he was voiceing his doubts about the fact that he can´t drink coffee, and we explained to him the idea.  Basically, the question is if the Book of Mormon is true.  If it is, then Joseph Smith is a prophet.  If he is a prophet, then this is a commandment from God.  He started to express his doubts about that, and we just listened.  He talked for about 4 or 5 minutes without stopping, and after having finished his process of thinking out loud he said "that actually makes a lot of sense.  Dang.  That´s cool!  That makes a lot of sense, there has to be a modern prophet."  It was a lot of fun seeing him answering his own question!  P. is 15 years old, and we found him doing street contacts.

   We´re hoping and praying that they both are baptized this saturday.  It´s going to be great!  It is such a joy to see the people that you teach learning, seeing how the gospel makes sense, and most important recieving their own testimony of the truth by the holy spirit.

Got to go, but I love you guys!

Elder Sweet