Monday, May 16, 2016

Sending Pictures


I´m really sorry about not sending pictures.  The problem here is the sun.  There are so many UV rays here that I´m worried that my camera will get skin cancer, so I try to keep it inside.  Just kidding!  I´ll try to change my habits and take more pictures, sorry about that!  G´s just a little more robber prone, so I started just leaving my camera at home.  I´ll try to get into the habit of taking with me at least on P-day.

The office has already bought my plane ticket.  Just so you know my returns going to be about a month early.  The church sends all American Elders here in Brazil home with about 1 year and 11 months so that they don´t have difficulties with the visas.  Technically my Visa would allow me to stay longer, but the area presidency decideded several months back that there would be no exceptions to the rule.  That´s a bummer!  

I love you guys a ton, and I´ll start sending pictures just like the other missionaries!

Elder Sweet

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