Monday, July 27, 2015


Opa!  Como está tudo o mundo?

My companion Elder S. and I
This week was awesome, let me tell you about it!  So we´ve got three new good investigators, and a couple others that have some potential!  The first is a 16 year old girl named I.  We contacted her while she was walking her dog and invited her to go to church.  The next day (Sunday), she just showed up at church!  That almost never happens!  She made friends with the other young women really fast, and then we taught her the restoration at a members home that afternoon.  She had a lot of questions but we were able to answer them well, and she accepted an invitation to baptism on the 8th of August!  We´re pretty excited for her!  We also found a couple named J. and A.  They´ve got a really young girl who´s about 2 or 3 years old named S.  They´re super cool and came to church yesterday!  They´re both very interested in the gospel and enjoy the lessons too, so those are steps in the right direction!  Every time we leave they´re daughter cries too, it´s kind of cute lol!  She get´s so excited when we come over and wants to hold every pamphlet and book that we pull out and share her toys, snacks, etc. with us during the lessons.  It´s pretty funny!
A park close by

   This week we´ve got a better pool of investigators to work with and we´re getting to know the members better too.  We´ve set a goal to invite a family to be baptized every day.  it´s a very difficult goal to achieve but we´re working towards making it a reality.  Missionary work is so hard, but every now and then you see the hand of the Lord in your work and that makes everything worth it.  When you know that the words that you are saying aren´t your own, when you really know that you are being used in the hands of the Lord, it´s then when the mission becomes worth it and we begin to see the lives of other people being blessed by the good news of the gospel.  I´ve got to take off now, but I love you all so much!  Make it an awesome week and I´ll talk to you all next P-day!

My District
Elder Sweet

P.S.- Dad, generally just the Assistants travel with President.  

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