Monday, July 6, 2015

A Stake?

Hey guys!

   How´s everybody doing?  Sounds like it was quite a week for everyone!  Thanks for sending the video of Landon´s birthday cake, that was awesome!  Congrats on the new car too, Landon!  That 
car´s styling for sure!

    This week Elder H´s knee was a bit better.  We were able to work more than in the weeks before, and I think that this week we´ll be able to work much more.  The progress on his knee is slow, but it is coming. 

   This is also the last week of the transfer!  This coming Sunday are the transfer calls, and I´ll get to know how I´m going to spend the next 6 weeks of my life!  

   Now, a bit about this week!  Elder H. and I are trying to put more emphasis on finding families to teach, and it´s going well!  It´s neat to see how the Lord works with our desires.  Yesterday a couple just showed up at church and attended the sacrament meeting.  Afterwards they talked with Elder H. and asked how they could become members!  This is so stinkin´awesome!  We marked to teach them tonight, so we´ll see how that goes.  We also did some visits with the Elders Quorum yesterday.  One of the adresses that we had was false, but living in that home was a family that had attended the church meetings several times in another city, but lost contact when they moved to Rio Verde and didn´t know that the church existed in the city.  They were very excited, and we´re going to teach them tonight as well.  Pray that everyone´s in their house when we pass by!

   The branch here is great.  This branch is incredibly missionary oriented, more so that any other ward I´ve ever worked in.  This branch is generally regarded as the best in the mission, and is the area that everyone wants to serve in.  The leaders here are incredible and the members just won´t stop giving us references!  I really think that that´s why the branch here is consistently the best in the mission.  The leaders have a vision that centers around missionary work and the members share the gospel with their friends.  We´re on the verge of getting a stake here, too!  On the 19th of the month an area seventy is going to visit the district here and will have a special meeting with our branch as well.  He´s going to be here trying to see if the district is ready to become a stake!  We´re pretty excited! 
Keep me up to date on what´s going on with you all!  Have an awesome week!  Until next P-day!

Elder Sweet

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