Monday, June 29, 2015

A Macaw!

Hey there, guys!

 President lowered our email time from an hour and a half to just an hour, so my bemails are going to be fairly brief.  I´ll write more letters for you guys, though!  Writing letters is fun:)

   First order of business... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LANDON!  Holy freeking cow, your 18 man!  That´s nuts! Man time flies, it´s pretty crazy!  What did you do for your birthdya, anything cool?  Don´t let too much time go by without doing something cool!  Go to the beach, watch a movie with the family, something simple but something to remember.  Happy Birthday, bro!

   Second, we had a baptism this week!  M, the miracle investigator that just fell out of the sky got
 baptized! He is so cool!  I´ll send you guys a picture with him.  He´s really excited about being
ordained a Priest and takes the gospel so seriously.  He´s great.  The other Elders are also teaching a 17 year old named J. P, but coincidentally I´m the only missionary who´s been at all of his lessons, we foudn him on a division and he always gets taught while we´re on divisions too.  He´s super cool, loves american football, and wants to learn english.  I really enjoy helping members here who want to learn english make a bit of progress, I´d really like to teach an english class here if it works out.  We´ll see how that goes!  

Third, I finally got a picture of a Macaw!  My companion and I were walking on the street last P-day
and a Macaw just landed in the tree in front of us!  We started snapping away because you rarely see them stopped, you usually only see them flying by.  It was pretty cool!

Elder H´s knee didn´t make much progress this past week. We worked a bit toward the beginning of the week, but his knee just got super swollen and put a stop to our work.  In the meantime we do what little we can and I go on divisions with the other Elders whenever possible.  Overall things are going well!


I´ve got to take off now, but have a great week, everyone!  I love you guys more than I can possibly express! 

Elder Sweet

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