Monday, June 1, 2015

Calling Ourselves to Repentance

Transfers were this week, and nothing changed.  I´m staying here in Rio Verde Popular, and Elder H. will continue to be my companion.  I´m pretty excited, it´s going to be an awesome transfer!  

   So what´s going on on the home front?  I hear that Landon´s graduating soon, how cool!  Congrats!  I´m also sad to hear that Elder Perry passed away.  He is a truly incredible man.  I´m sure that he´s hard at work on the other side!
   This week we baptized the son of an investigator that hasn´t been able to get baptized yet.  Almost all of her children are active members, though.  I´ll send you guys a pic.  We did divisions a couple of days ago too, and I went to the house of G.  (the boy who got baptized) with Elder H. to teach about keeping the sabbath day holy.  We´ve struggled to teach him in the past becuase his attention span is
G.!  The sun was pretty bright so he had
trouble looking at the camera lol!
 sufficient only to watch us sit down on the sofa, and then he gets up and runs away.  So, I made a game for the lesson!  We hid some chocolates in various places in his house, and then wrote down instructions for him to find them.  He´d come to us to get one set of instructions, promise that he´d follow them, and then go get the chocolate.  We did this 3 times, just for good measure.  We then explained that the sacrament is when we promise God that we´re going to follow his instruction, church is where we get the instructions, and as we follow them we get blessings!  He enjoyed it, and the lesson was pretty fun!

   I also learned an interesting lesson this week.  I think that one of the greatest qualities that we can acquire in the gospel is a desire to see ourselves succeed.  This isn´t just worldly success, but much more importantly spiritual success.  We need to have the same drive to see ourselves succeed that Heavenly Father has to see us succeed.  This includes wanting to become like Christ badly enough to
Our new ward mission leader getting avocados for us! 
They make an avocado smoothie here that´s really good!
see our own faults and to call ourselves to repentance.  Calling ourselves to repentance, at least for me, is far more difficult than calling others to repent.  As we come before God humbly in prayer though, he can aid us in this process through the holy ghost.  We need his companionship!  

I´ve got to go now, but I love you guys!  Have an incredible week!

Elder Sweet

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