Monday, June 22, 2015

Tudo Bem?

Hey all!  Tudo bem?

   This week was a pretty great one!  Let me tell you all about it!

   My companion still wasn´t able to walk this week, so I continued to take turns working with the other missionaries and staying at home with Elder Hamilton.  He´s to the point where he can walk without too much trouble now, and we bought an immobilizer for his knee.  We´re going to work today and see how it goes, and are planning on returning back to our normal working schedule!  

   We´ve got one really cool investigator right now that just kind of fell out of heaven and into our lap.  Elder T.  and I were walking through our area several days ago on a way to an appointment several days ago and a man called out to us.  We chatted with him and he told us that he had been working with the missionaries in the town where he used to live and really enjoyed it!  We marked an appointment to talk with him at the church that night, taught lesson 1, and marked a baptismal date with him for this Saturday!  He´s going super strong and loves absolutely everything about the church.  He´s going to be an awesome member!

   Last night he walked Elder He. and I to his new house so that we could write down his new address.  He told us that he had smelled drugs in the house behind his that morning, and just like that picked up and moved.  He has 6 months clean from drugs now and is terrified of having a relapse.  Here I´ve gotten to see the havoc that drugs cause in the lives of so many people.  There are so many other problems here in Brazil that stem from drugs, so say NO to drugs!

   I haven´t been taking a lot of pictures lately because I haven´t been taking my camera with me during the day, but I´ll put in a better effort this week to take some more pictures at our house or something to send you guys!  I love and miss all of you!  Keep true to the faith and keep your eyes fixed on the glory of God!  You´ll never go wrong with that.  I know that Christ lives and that through him we can have a peace and happiness in our lives that simply doesn´t exist elsewhere! 

Have an awesome week!

Elder Sweet

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