Monday, June 15, 2015

Marked his own Date

Hey all!  This week was pretty cool, let me give you the run down!

First, it started with a bit of a problem.  Elder H. twisted his knee while we were playing sports on P-day, and the doctor told him that he wouldn´t be able to walk for a while while his knee heals.  I and the other companionship of Elders here have been taking turns staying at home with him while his knee heals up.  Because of that, I´ve gotten the opportunity to work a lot with the other missionaries in my district, and that´s been pretty cool!  You learn something new with each new person that you work with.

We weren´t able to teach the English class for J. C., but hopefully when Elder H.  gets better we can reschedule with him.  The other Elders are working with our investigators right now, and because of the rotation I get to be there a good part of the time.  Right now we have an awesome investigator named R.  He´s 17 years old, and works basically every hour that he has awak but Sundays and Saturdays in the morning.  We send the pamphlets about the lessons to him thorugh friends that he has who are members, and are working to help him get baptized as soon as possible.  He really wants it!

We also had another miracle this week!  At church one of the members introduced a friend of theirs to my companion and I.  She said "He´s already been to church four times, wants to be baptized, but the missionaries never taught him!"  The investigator then said "I want to get baptized.  Can we do it today?"  We explained to him the preparation that has to happen before baptism, and then he said "Okay.  Can I get baptized next Saturday?"  He marked his own baptismal date!  He has a crazy work schedule and it often takes a couple weeks for us to teach all of the lesosns to people who work like that, but he´s definitely got the desire so he´ll get there soon!

Time´s running out so I´ve got to go, but I love each and every one of you!  Thank you so much for your emails!  

Until next Monday,

Elder Sweet

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