Monday, November 16, 2015

Pray Always - October 12

Hey everyone!

   Okay, so I´m officially back in the office now!  I thought that I´d have a week with the previous secretary to get back on top of things, but I actually had 2 days.  This week was definitely the most stressful of my mission, but being in the office is a lot of fun.  There´s a lot of pressure, but it´s a lot of fun.  All three of us in the office now are basically new in our positions, so we made a lot of greeny mistakes this past week.  But, we´re getting back on top of things!

   So, really quickly let me sum up some of the things that happened this week!

1. I studied Elder Bednars talk "Pray Always," and it´s incredible!  I´m trying to apply the principles that he taught better in my prayers, and as a result I am feeling much more of the guidance and protection of the Lord in my work.  Putting the focus of our communication with God on how we can help others makes a huge difference!

2.  There was an emergency transfer today, so we had to go to the office this morning.  On our way there today we saw one of the tender mercies of the Lord.  Okay, that´s a bit exaggerated but it was still cool!  We saw a Ferrari 458 Italia, it passed us and then stopped at the bakery were we sometimes buy breakfast on the way to the office.  It was pretty cool!

3.  I got to see the recent convert  Elder S. and I baptized two transfers ago!  She´s still going strong and sharing the gospel with everyone!  She brings us references of people that she met in the market, professors, friends, she just doesn´t stop talking about the gospel!  She´s already been a big part in the conversion of another family that was baptized in the past transfer, has done her family history back for who knows how many generations, and is preparing to go to the temple.  It´s so awesome to see people that you´ve taught in the mission staying strong and sharing the joy of the gospel with everyone!  It´s incredible!

So that´s a bit about what happened this week.  Just to wrap up, here´s a challenge!  "Ponderize" a new scripture this week, and if you want send me a quick E-mail about what you learned!  It would be great to read your thoughts about the scriptures and learn with you all!  

And, a final thought!  Elder Neal A. Maxwell was an incredible Apostle, I love reading his talks!  In one of my favorite talks he said something like this "It is true that we must count our blessings, but we must also make our blessings count."  I´ll leave that quote with you guys, but we´ll talk next week!  

Elder Sweet

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