Monday, November 16, 2015

Come Unto Christ - November 2

Hey guys!  

   How did Halloween go for everyone?  Send some me some costume pics (thanks for already having done that, Mom!)  Savannah, that make up that you put on your face looked so real!  It was actually a bit scary to say the truth!

   I´ve got to be quick in this E-mail because my times already running short, but here it goes! 
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First, we walked in a lot of rain this week.  Rain is so great!  It was so hot, and then all of a sudden the rain started coming down in torrents to cool us off.  Rain here isn´t like in the US, where is starts slowly and then ramps up the intensity.  Here it starts and then 5 seconds later it´s on 100%, and you´re soaked!  No time to run home and grab an umbrella, find cover, nothing.  You just get wet!  Elder C. and I just kept on walking, talking, laughing, and kicking water on eachother the whole night, we actually enjoyed being soaked in that rainstorm!  It´s amazing how something so fun like a rainstorm can quickly become a drag if we let our attitude down.  When we stop laughing and smiling, even the best moments in life become annoyances.  So don´t do that!  Life´s to short to waste time being annoyed!  

   Right now one of the people that we´re teaching is named M.  She´s a lady who´s about 60 years old, and has come to church 2 times now!  She´s loving every moment of it and wanting to invite friends too, which is a great sign.  We´re trying to help her to stop smoking right now, too.  She´s always wanted to quit, but has never been able to cut smoking for good.  So we´re helping her out and praying that the Lord gives here the necessary strength to do that!  

   There´s so many other people that we´re teaching right now too, but unfortunately there´s not time to talk about each one individually.  We had another S. moment this Sunday when an Elderly man that we´d invited to church in a park a few weeks ago showed up, too!  He loved the meeting and wants to come next week too.  

   Something that we learned in the last mission tour is that we don´t invite people to be baptized or to come to church, but we invite them to come unto Christ.  By coming to church, they make a step in that direction.  By being being baptized, they make a leap in that direction and promise to continue to make steps in that direction!  Everything that we do is with one goal in mind: to invite others to come unto Christ, to have peace in this life and eternal life in the next!  What an amazingly simple message!  Okay, got to go now, but I love you guys!  I know it´s been awhile since I´ve sent pictures, I´ll try to take more pictures this week and send them to you.  I keep forgetting my camera!  

I love you all!  You´re the best family in the world, and I´m so grateful for God´s plan to help us to continue being a family forever!  

Elder Sweet

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