Monday, November 16, 2015

General Conference Was Incredible! - October 5

Hellooooooooooooo Família!

   So guess what!  I got transferred again!  My companion, Elder M, has finished his mission and goes home this week to Santiago, Chile.  As for me, I guess that President K. decided that I do more damage in the field than out of it, so he´s decided to bring me back to the office!  This time though, I´ve got one week to get up to speed and refresh my memory on how to run the mission´s finances, and then the old Secretary´s heading out and I take the chair.  I´m a bit nervous going into this, but the Lord doesn´t call the qualified but qualifies the called!  I´m just praying that he qualifies me!  I´m going to be in a trio with my old companion, Elder S, and the other Secretary Elder C. It´s going to be great!

   I´ve had a few wierd transfers like that in my mission, for example my companion in Rio Verde, Elder H. had been my companion for half a transfer in Itumbiara as well, and now I´m going for the second time to the Goiânia ward with the same companion that I had last time I was there!  The mission´s great!
General Conference was incredible as well!  Man, what talks!  Elder Holland´s talk about Mothers was incredible, and it made me think a lot about my Mom!  There is no one, save the savior himself, who is more deserving of the love of a child than that´s child´s mother.  The mission has helped me to see just how much you´ve done for me, Mom!  I love you!
Elder Costa´s talk was incredible too, 
he talked about gaining a testimony of the atonement of Christ.  

I was almost crying in Elder Bednar´s talk when           
he spoke of how blessed we are to be guided by wise men inspired by God! 

Elder Christofferson´s talk about the role of the church was perfect for two of our investigators who came to the session and had expressed the same question just a few days earlier.  We´ve got a lot to study and learn from the conference!  

I loved this talk about "Ponderizing" as 

Just to wrap up here, a Family was Baptized! 
 Let me send some photos!  I haven´t done such a great job about taking and sending photos this transfer, sorry!  I´ll do better this next!

Here another picture of this Family's baptism! 
This family has been investigating the church for 2 years now, but finally got married and baptized!  They wanted to be baptized by one of the firsth missionarys who taught them, so he and his companion came to the baptism.

Here´s a picture of our Zone!

Brazilian omelette, anyone?  This thing was so good!

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