Monday, November 16, 2015

Serve a Mission

I. Square (Photo from Wikipedia)
Hey guys!  I´ve got to be quick today, but how´s everyone doing?

So, really quick here let me tell you about some awesome investigators that we have right now!  First: R!  
He´s 23 years old and super cool.  He sings rap and works at a food stand at a local park that sells these awesome brazilian style hamburgers (google X-Tudo Hamburger, that´s your typical brazilians burger) and these giant omelettes!  It´s pretty great!  He´s loving everything about the gospel and recieved an answer about the Book of Mormon in the middle of the lesson when we taught him about it!  This morning after studies we went to his house and watched the Joseph Smith video with him, he said he was fighting to not cry at several parts.  He´s pretty well set in his determination to be baptized!  So pray for him!

We´re also teaching a family right now, there names are J. (Dad), L. (Mom), A, A.(Sons).  They´re a great family and they went to church last sunday.  We talked with J. yesterday night and he said that he wants to go to church one more time, but that after that he wants his whole family to be baptized!  He already knows that they´ll have to get legally married first, so we´re helping make the steps towards that goal.  It´ll be my first wedding in the mission!  They´re a super cool family and they love the gospel!

So this week is going to be great and we´re going to work until we can´t work anymore!  It´s going to be a week full of miracles, I can´t wait to tell you guys about it!

Word of Wisdom to all, Serve a mission!

Love you guys!

Elder Sweet

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