Monday, February 29, 2016


Hey all!
The Trio!!!
   W.  got baptized!  It was awesome!  He´d decided earlier in the week that he wanted to wait a little while longer.  We talked with him to try to see why, and it just seemed like he´d lost the desire.  We prayed for him and encouraged him and his family to read the Book of Mormon and pray again.  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday passed and nothing.  We were on our way to another appointment Saturday afternoon when we got the word.  He´d decided that he wanted to be baptized right then!  It was such a rush to pull everything together, I didn´t even have time pass by the house and grab my camera (but I do have photos today!).  We called our District Leader to see if he´d be able to do the baptismal interview, but he had an important appointment that night and wouldn´t be able to make it.  So, we called the Assistants (they were moved to another ward that´s neighbor to ours), and they came running!  They got there at 8:30pm, did the interview, and then we had the baptism!  It was great!  The mission is full of miracles, when you do all that you can and it still doesn´t work, and then the Lord just makes it happen.  It really is incredible.  W. was baptized with his friends too, which must have been a neat experience for him.
Anyhow, got to go now!  I love you guys! 
Elder S.

Elder O. snuck some photos during weekly planning while I was filling out a teaching record.

Then I noticed!

We made the birthday cake this morning!  
We still haven´t eaten it, but it turned out great!

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