Monday, March 14, 2016

Quick Letter!

Hey there, everyone! 

   This letter´s going to be quick today, but I want to tell everyone that I love you tons!!!  So, this week was awesome!  I went back to Goiânia this week to renew my visa, 16 hours in a bus!  I took a good long nap on the way there, and on the way back I had an awesome study about giving correction in the Lord´s way.  I studied various scriptures about this and learned a lot!  The most important doctrine that I learned is that the principles of correction and chastisement are in fact based upon the principles of love and charity.  If we do not first develop love for those that we must correct, then it is impossible for us to correct them as the Lord would.

   This week President Kuceki is coming to Uberaba!  He´s delivering a truly incredible training to the missionaries.  I already heard it when I was in Goiânia, so this is going to be my second time.  I´m excited!  My mission president is incredible!!

   Anyhow, this week I saw the grace and enabling power of the atonement in my life in ways that were so obvious and incredible.  Getting used to walking the whole day in the sun again is difficult.  My legs get tired fast, and there´s a lot of hills in Uberaba!  I´ve had the experience several times now of, after arriving at almost the end of the night, finding myself still contacting people on the street and thinking "Wow.  Earlier in my mission this kind of exhaustion would have been enough to stop me."  It´s difficult to describe how, but I received and noticeably felt strength and drive beyond my own to help me to forget the difficulties and invite everyone to come closer unto Christ.  It really is incredible how much more Christ can do through us than we can do through ourselves.

Got to go now, but I love you all a ton!!

Elder Sweet

I´ve attached a pic of me and my new companion, and another Christmas picture that I don´t think 
I´ve sent yet.

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