Monday, March 28, 2016

Working Hard!

My time´s almost up, so I´ll be quick!

   This week has been great!  I´m back in G, and we´re working hard!  Last week we found 3 new investigators who accepted a baptismal date, they´re M, T, and M.  M´s an elderly lady that we talked with several days back on the street.  She came to church and absolutely loved it!  It turns out that a family member of hers is the elder´s quorum president, so she was happy to see him there too.  T is M´s niece, M recommended that we teach her as well.  The other M is a friend of a family in the ward, we taught her for the first time yesterday and she really enjoyed the message!  She also accepted a baptismal date.

   My new companion´s awesome!  He´s very creative and is a hard worker, so I´m sure that it´s going to be a great transfer!  Elder Z. is very dedicated to the work that we´re doing, but at the same time knows how to make missionary work a lot of fun.  He´s almost always cracking a joke, so that helps me to keep my spirits up when we pass those inevitable difficulties.  Anywho, got to go now but I love you guys!  Have a great week and keep in touch!

Elder S.

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