Monday, February 15, 2016

I'm Old...

I´m 20 years old now!

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 I feel wierd saying that, my brain keeps telling me to say that I have 20 years.  That´s portuguese for ya!  My companion bought me a super awesome black forest cake, and a brazilian apple nut-bread cake!  It was awesome! I´ve got two companions right now: Elder O. and Elder M.  Elder O. is from Guatemala, and Elder M. is from Utah. 

   Anyhow, this week was transfers!  It was one of the most difficult transfers I´ve ever done, this whole week I almost didn´t even stop in the office!  I was running from the bus station to the chapel for a meeting to the bus station again, then to a restaurant to reserve a lunch for the mission, then to the airport, to the office to get some documents, back to the airport, back to the busstation, and you start to get a picture.  It was a blast!
Now I´m training Elder M. to be the next financial secretary, and this is probably my last transfer in this role.  I´ve learned so much,
I don´t want to leave the office!
 This week we had a baptism as well.  His name is M.  He´s come to the meetings several times already, but lived in another ward.  He´s moving to our ward, so the stake president told us to just baptize him here.  He told us on sunday two weeks ago that he wanted to be baptized, so we taught him everything that Sunday and this past Saturday was his baptism!  It was awesome!  I didn´t get any pictures, but the Ward mission leader has some and I´ll send them to you as soon as I have them.

Thanks so much for all of the happy birthday wishes!  I love all of you and hope you all a wonderful week!  
Elder S.

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