Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy Best Month In The Entire Year!

Happy February!   

This month rocks because it´s my birthday!

   Mom and Dad, I got two more packages from you guys!  One has some skittles and these absolutely divine Peppermint Caramel Bites, a Brazil Mission T-Shirt, and the seminary book marks that you made for your class!  The other has a new shirt and pants.  Thanks a TON!!!
   I heard that S. already left for the MTC in Spain, that´s awesome!  I´m sure that he´ll be a great missionary!  

   Short letter today, but I wish all of you an awesome week!  Let me know what´s going on!
First Conference of the R. V. Stake ( first area)
The Assistance with Elder Costa, Sister K. with her son
(from President K's Post)

P's Baptism
(From Elder A's post)

Elder s. back row second from the right
(President K's Post)

Elder S. second row fifth from the right
(President K's Post)
A new group of Missionaries (President K''s Post)

Elder S.

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