Monday, January 25, 2016

Awesome Missionary Broadcast

Hey all!

Our District
   This week was awesome!  We had the first worldwide missionary broadcast in 10 years, and we recieved live instruction from some of the Apostles, Seventies, and the President of the Young Women´s organization.  It was awesome!  The theme was "Teach repentance and Baptize Converts."
All the Mission together for the Broadcast
 They discussed how this is really what we have been called to do, and then discussed several applications that are very importante for our success in this endeavor.

Elder Bednar gave an incredible training about the importance of teaching with the spirit, and how
this can be done.  More than teaching with the spirit, he discussed the importance of helping our investigators recognize that they are being taught by the spirit.

The Presidency of the Seventy and Sister Oscarson spoke about the importance of working with less actives and recente converts, and Elder Oaks finished it off with a talk about teaching repentance and baptizing converts.  It was great!

   Aside from that, I also gave a talk in our Ward this week.  Elder Z. and I were both asked to speak.  Elder Z.  spoke about the importance of having our own personal game plan, like the Family Mission Plans that Mom used to have us make.  Family Mission Plan 

I was asked to speak about asking in Faith, and discussed 2 importante principles that we can apply to ask in Faith.  1 - Asking in Faith necessitates real intente, and 2 - Prayer is the act of putting our will in harmony with our Father´s.  As we pray expressing our desire to do the will of the Lord and supplicate his aid in so doing, and afterwards act with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength, then the Lord blesses us with strength, desire, and courage beyond our own to aid us as we strive to do his will.  What a powerful principle!

Right now we´re teaching a woman named R., who lives way on the other side of our área.  We found her through a member reference, and it´s going well so far!  She was very interested in the message as well as her children.  

I´ve got to go now, but I love you all tremendously!  Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you all next week!

Elder Sweet


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