Sunday, January 3, 2016

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Christmas Tunnels of light in Go Goiania Brazil (Internet Photo)
   So what did you all do to celebrate the holiday?  Send me some pics and tell me some stories!

   Anyhow, it was awesome to talk to you guys on Christmas!  Getting to talk with our families makes Christmas 10 times more awesome!  Be sure to send me the pics from your fishing trip when that happens, Dad.  And I´m serious about that 2016 fishing trip, there´s no way I´ll let you off the hook on that one!  

   Christmas here was pretty cool!  On Christmas eve we were invited to a recent converts house and she made us a feast!  It was awesome!  She made ham, turkey, farofa, feijão tropeiro (you´ve got to try this out if you get the chance, it´s really good!), maionese, a salad, and pudim!  Pudim is basically Brazilian flan, but it´s a little bit denser that the mexican variant. 

Brazilian pudim (internet photo) 
On Christmas President gave us permission to do our calls from the office, so that was cool!  All of us four secretaries and the assistants did our calls from here, so it was great!  After that, some other recent converts invited us to eat at their house, and they had a traditional brazilian barbeque!  It was so good!  It´s kind of fun how they do barbeques here.  They´ve always got meat on the grill, and as it comes off they cut it into bite sized pieces, put them on the table, and everyone just grabs em.  It´s a lot of fun!

Feijão tropeiro (internet photo)

Farofa (internet photo)
 This week is going to be nuts for us, because it´s transfer week!   At this point it´s just execution.  I got kind of sort of not really transferred!  The only thing that changed is that my companion is going to be Elder O. now.  Elder O. is the new Executive Secretary, and President wanted us to be companions because a lot of the time in the office the Executive secretary and the Finance secretary have to run errands together, so it´s just more convenient.  I´m going to miss being Elder C.´s companion, that guy rocks!  He´s funny, works hard, and always excited about the work!  But still the same, it´s a great transfer!

   I´ve got to go now, but I want to leave with each of you a reminder of what the central point of the Christmas season is!  I am so grateful for our savior and what he did for us!  May he always be the center of our lives, not just in this season but always!

Love you guys, and have a great New Year!

Elder Sweet


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