Monday, February 22, 2016

P's Going to Portugal!!!

Elder B. on the Right  (cousin)
I just got a happy birthday letter from Uncle Eddy and the B. family!  Thanks so much for the letter!  And congrats on Peter´s mission call!  Portugals´s going to be awesome!  They talk a little wierd over there, when we speak portuguese together after the mission it´ll seem like you´re praying to me using all the "thees, thous, and arts," but that´s all the more fun, right!  Sometimes I tease my comps and say "Tu es doido" which is like saying "Thou art crazy," but in Portugal it´ll feel 100% normal for you to talk like that.  But congrats!  That´s going to be an awesome mission and I´m so excited to hear how it goes! 

   So, this week was great!  We already had a good sized emergency transfer that took up a lot of our in-field time, so that made it difficult.  But we still got to work hard and teach some awesome people!  Right now we´re teaching a young man named J.  His dad was recently baptized, and he´s now investigating.  He´s great!  He reads, he prays, he asks, he went to church!  We got there Sunday morning and he said that all of his clothes were in the washing machine and that he wouldn´t be able to come.  Then we told him that we´d go home and get some of my clothes (we´re almost the same size) and he could use my clothes to come to church.  After a bit of insisting, he went and got some of his Dad´s clothes and came to church.  And he loved it!  The adversary fights so hard to stop people from making steps on the path of righteousness, he tempts them and convinces them and tricks them.  But, as soon as the make the first few steps they see just how blessed we can be by God!

   We also are teaching a young man named W. who´ll get baptized this Saturday with several of his friends that are making this same decision.  It´s going to be a great baptism with three or four youth getting baptized together!  We´re also teaching an 18 year old girl named Caroline.  She´s a great investigator, but just needs an answer!  We challenged her to pray and ask God if what we´re teaching is true, so now it´s in his hands.  Pray for her so that she can recieve and recognize his answer! 

   Got to go now, but I love you guys!  Have a great week!

Elder S.

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