Monday, May 4, 2015

Not Another Oportunity

Hey all!  So, let me tell you about my week...

My New Companion (3rd Comp)
My new companion, Elder C, is awesome!  He works very hard, and     I´m learning a lot about how to work smart on the mission.  This transfer is only 5 weeks long though, so I´ve got to soak up what I learn like a sponge to make the most out of this time.
   We´ve got a new investigator now named I.  He´s 17 years old, very smart and has a lot of questions about the church.  It was awesome to be able to start working with him!  He´s the first investigator that I´ve had that called us before church to make sure that we were going to swing by and bring him to church.  He´s pretty awesome!  He has a baptismal date for the 16th of May;
we´re hoping and praying that everything goes well!
last Picture before Transfers, Itumbiara Sisters & Elder "U "(2nd comp)
 Transfers were pretty fun too.  I got to travel to G. with Elder U.  I wasn´t expecting that, but I like travelling so I went along with the plan.  At the bus station I ran into my first companion here in Brazil, Elder A.!  It was so cool to see him and catch up on what´s been happening for the both of us.  I also got to see Elder M. who was here when I arrived, Elder S, my MTC comp, and several other Elders that
I´ve gotten to know along the way.  It was pretty cool!

Elder A.!!! My trainer (1st comp)
Also, I´ve got a short but pretty funny story to shoot by you guys too.  So, it was Elder C´s first day in I.  We were walking along one of the main avenues here when we heard some shouting behind us to wait.  I turned around and saw that same kid who tried to rob me a month or two back, and he´s tried several times since then as well.  Elder C. didn´t know who he was, so his first thought was "He´s golden!  He´s chasing us down, he wants to learn about the church!"  As he approached I was trying to warn Elder C.  I was saying "Elder C, thief! Theif!" but he wasn´t getting the picture.  Anyhow, I was getting ready for a fight while elder C was getting ready to right down his address, and then he finally caught up to us.  He started to talk to me and put his hand on my shoulder while his other hand was reaching toward my pocket or my bag, I´m not sure which.  I was just so ticked off to see the same guy trying the same thing on me with the same approach, and so I told him!  I quickly knocked his hand off of my shoulder and started chewing him out.  I said "You´ve already tried to rob me three times, get lost!"  He asked me on what day it was that he tried to rob me (that was wierd), and I just replied "It doesn´t matter!  You´ve already tried to rob me three times, and I´m not giving you another opportunity!  Get out of here!"  Then he left!  I got a bit of a kick out of that, and hopefully he won´t try to rob me again.
   That´s all for this week!  I hope that all of you have an awesome week, and I´ll talk to you all again next Monday!  I´m excited to talk to the fam over Skype on Sunday too!  Até logo!

Elder Sweet

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