Sunday, May 3, 2015

FHE Adventure!

Hey guys!

 I hope everyone´s doing great in the states!  Brazil´s still going pretty great :)  Keep me up to date on what´s going on in your lives, I love getting E-mails!  I don´t always have time to respond to each one, but it´s always a pleasure to read letters from you all and see how everyone´s doing.

   There´s two main things that I want to talk about in this E-mail today: Transfers and an Adventure that we had!  First, transfers.

   So, there´s good news and good news.  Which do you want first?  Let´s start with the good news!  First, we´re part of Zone Uberlândia now!  Uberlândia is closer than Rio Verde (our old zone), so it makes more sense for us to go there for Zone meetings and such.  Second (this is the good part), drumroll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum... BOOM!!!!  No one in Itumbiara was transferred!  We´re all staying here, with our same comps.  I´m excited for the opportunity that I have to stay here, there are several investigators that we´re working with right now that I really want to see baptized.  So, that´s what happened!

 Next, the adventure.  We had a Family Home Evening last night that we needed to go to because they were going to bring some new investigators for us to teach.  This home is quite a ways away from us, it´s about a 45 or 50 minute walk if we take a shortcut through a field.  The sun had already set, and we were approaching this field.  First we have to cross a little bridge over a creek with a bunch of trees on either side of the bank, and then there´s a path through tall grass that takes us to the other end of the field.  There´s always several horses grazing in the field too, so that should help you guys with the image.  Anyhow, it was dark.  As we approached the entrance to the path, we saw 7 young men gathered around the entrance to the pass smoking something.  Generally speaking, when 7 young men go to a fairly remote part of town and hide in the cover of trees to smoke, they´re not smoking tobacco.  Elder Uboldi and I decided that a detour was better than risking a confrontation, so we continued down the road that runs along the field.  We thought that there was another road that cut through the field a bit further down, but there wasn´t.  To walk all the way around would have added a good 1.5 or 2 kilometers to our trip (I´ve given miles guys, sorry), so we decided to cut through the field.  We found a little trail, and followed it.  It took us into the trees, and then we ran into the creek.  At this point, the creek was probably 6 or 8 feet wide (haven´t given feet up yet, I still like ´em), with a thin branch spanning the width of it on the ground.  My comp put one foot on it, realized that it was very unstable, and then stepped off.  I was describing another method that we could use to cross when we heard "Neeeeeeee-eeee-awwww-eeeee-awww."  My comp said "Okay, let´s go!"  I told him "Elder, it´s just a donkey; we can do this!"  With a bit of persuading, we resumed our attempts to cross the river.  I crossed first, walking on the thin branch to cross the river while holding on the trees above to balance myself, and then Elder U. followed suit.  We arrived on the other side, and started crossing the field.  The tall grass made it so we couldn´t run because we couldn´t see the ground well, so we were left with doing our best to cross the field.  We eventually emerged from the field at a road on the other side, and then walked to the family´s house that we had the appointment with.  Anyhow, that´s the adventure of the week!  I hope you guys enjoyed it!

Now, the pics:
5297 - A pic we took after the FHE I talked about
5285 - A really awesome sunset I took a picture of!

Have a wonderful week, learn lots, and preach the gospel!  Until next Monday.

Elder Sweet

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