Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Flood!

Hey all!
So what´s everybody doing?  I hope things are going well back on the home front!  I know that Landon came back from Paraguay last Wednesday; is he adjusted to the US again yet?  When will you all be headed to Utah to visit Amy and Trevor?  We´ve got General Conference coming again this weekend, that´s pretty exciting!  
    This week went very well, although not a whole lot happened.  Compared to last week, I guess that´s a fairly good thing!  We started teaching a man named A. this week.  He´s very cool!  He works with leather for his living.  He makes belts, pants, shoes, just about anything.  He also repairs saddles.
I´ll attach a pic here of a saddle that he was working on repairing.  He said it´s pretty expensive, but that the guy who bought it bought it online and that it has some mistakes in it that make it nearly un-useable.  He said that he knows everything about saddles, how to make them, how to maintain them, etc.  You can come to him with almost any problem with a horse´s saddle, and he´ll tell you what´s wrong with the saddle and how to fix it.  He´d like to make saddles, but he said it typically takes 3 days to make one saddle, so he focuses on just repairing them and making smaller leather items.  If he brings a couple more people on to work for him, then he´d like to start making saddles.  
   We also taught another family this week!  It´s a father, a mother, and their 3 or 4 year old daughter.  They seemed fairly receptive, especially the mother.  Their daughter was adorable too.  In the middle of the lesson she ran up to me with a terrified look on her face and said ´´There´s a giant rat outside, that eats men!  You can´t stay here, it´s not safe.  It ate my feet!´´  I got a pretty good kick out of that!  
Well, that´s the update for the week!  I love you all and hope that everyone has a great week!  Be sure to send E-mails!  I love hearing from you guys!

Elder Sweet      

5371 - The saddle that I talked about
5318 - A flood!  It rained like crazy several days ago, you should have seen the river.  It was a good 10 feet deeper than usual, and all of the streets became rivers too.  It was pretty fun!

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