Monday, June 20, 2016

Junho Ja! Photos! Finally!!!

Lunch at Batatinha´s after the Mission Leadership Meeting!

This is a brazilian street food called a pastel.  They get a flat, rectangular piece of dough, stuff it with whatever you want, fold it half to seal it, and then they fry it!  It´s not the healthiest food on earth, but it sure is good!

After the creation of the Patos De Minas District!

Me and Elder F, one of the missionaries that was serving in Patos de Minas at the time.  Since then he´s been transferred and is now in G.

A cool photo of Patos de Minas!

Hey all!

   So this week was transfer week!  We were incredibly busy this week because of the transfer, but on top of that we also had the Farewell Meeting for President and Sister K, and the Mission Leadership Meeting!  That was a lot of work!  President K. has two more weeks as Mission President, then the new Mission President arrives.  I´m sure that President B. is going to be great, but I sure am going to miss President K!  What he has done for the mission and the kingdom here is incredible!  

   Anyhow, I´ll just tell you guys a quick story before my time ends!  So, when we were travelling to Patos de Minas, I told President K. and President S. about how when I was a kid, Dad told us that if we didn´t put our arms up and scream when we crossed a bridge that it would fall.  We laughed a bit about that, and then kept on driving.  A little later, I hadn´t even noticed but we were coming up on a bridge.  All of a sudden, President K. put up his free hand and started to scream!  Pretty soon President S. followed suit, and then Elder Z. and I were the last to join.  After that, every bridge that we crossed treated similarly!  It was a lot of fun, and a very memorable experience.

 A Bridge in Patos de Minas
I´ve got to go now, but have a great week and know that I love you all tremendously!


Elder Sweet 

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