Monday, June 20, 2016

The Greatest Truths

Hey there, Family!

   So, I´ve got to be really quick but let me give you an update on what´s going on here in the Brazil Goiânia Mission!

   First, Elder Z. and I are probably going to have a baptism this Saturday!  His name is G.  He´s only 8 years old, but he and his Mom are seriously investigating the church.  They two have already read the Book of Mormon and received a testimony from the spirit, and are progressing really well!  

   We´ve been putting a huge focus on eternal families in our work and in the mission as a whole.  In the leadership meeting a couple weeks back we gave a training about the importance of finding, teaching, and baptizing families.  The fundamental purpose of everything in the church is creating eternal families, and when we teach this truth clearly, simply, and powerfully as soon as we find someone then they soon see that this isn´t just another church.

   A couple days ago I contacted a man on the street who wanted to argue with me about this point.  He was so utterly emphatic; "When you die that´s it!  There´s no father, mother, brothers, nothing.  It´s just each of us in our own corner and God."  I tried to help him open his eyes to the greatest truth of the restoration, but he preferred to keep them closed.  I bore my testimony to him that 
God´s plan is that our families can be together forever, and that I know that this is true because I prayed and received a witness from God.  After he left, I said a silent prayer in my heart that someday he might see the beauty in the truth, and accept into his life and his family the fulness of the blessings of the restored gospel.

   This is the greatest of all truths, that our families can be together forever!  I testify that this is true!  
Farewell Meeting for President and Sister K.
Elder Sweet standing second from the right
Photo from Elder A's Blog

Love you guys!
Elder Sweet

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