Monday, January 26, 2015

The One Who Say's "Um"

Hey all!
This is the young Lady I baptized on Saturday,
 the one who said she wanted to be baptized by
´´the one who says ´um.´´ 

We dedicated the new chapel this week!  President Kuçeki came to dedicate it, and we got to have our interviews with him.  He is super cool.  He gave us an awesome message about what we can do to become sanctified missionaries during our district meeting too, it was pretty awesome.  We had a lot of baptisms right after the dedication too!  I can´t remember the exact number though.  One of the Sister missionaries investigators, a 9 year old girl, asked me to baptize her.  When the Sisters asked her who she wanted to baptize her she said ´´I want the one who says ´um.´´´  That was pretty funny!  I´ve been using a lot of filler words lately while I´m thinking about how to conjugate verbs, so I´ve got to nab that while I can.  

Mom and Dad, I loved the E-mail you sent!  I´m glad to hear that Landon is doing well in Paraguay and that he´s working with the missionaries down there!  The Elder that he´s working with sounds pretty cool.  Tell him to send some pictures, I want to see what Paraguay´s like!  Does he have an E-mail where I can contact him directly?  I´d love to hear about how Paraguay´s going for him.  

The thought what you shared about when Peter walked on water to meet Jesus was so neat too. 
You´re so right, a lot of times we scare ourselves when we realize what we´re doing.  Every now and then I ´´look down´´ and see what it is that I´m doing, and it´s kind of terrifying.  I´ll be honest!  But whenever I´m at those moments the Savior´s there too.  There is a very real power in the atonement of Jesus Christ  It´s something that´s tangible, that we can see taking action in our lives if we´re applying it.  I´ve seen and felt it in my life before and am continuing to do so in the mission field.

I´m also sad to hear about Sister Johnson passing away.  She is an incredible person, and I´m sure that she and Skip are busy working on the other side.

Okay, you also asked about how the octets going.  It´s going great!  This is our last week in the octet.  At the beginning of February the assistants will be going back to Goiânia and Elder M. will probably be transferred.  We´ve got a lot of work to do this week though, so it´s a good thing that
we´ve still got them here.  We have several more families that we´re working with right now, and if all goes well they´ll be baptized this Saturday!  Wooh!  The family that you were talking about Dad, the one that we met that had been expecting us, is doing great.  They´re one of the families that is working towards baptism this Saturday.  They´re super firm and full of potential .  It´s so wonderful seeing people like that coming to the church here, we need them.
This picture I took right after the dedication of the chapel.  
The sun was setting right over the top of the chapel, 
and the clouds just lit up.  It was pretty awesome!  

When Mom was mentioning all of the stories that Dad shared in Sacrament meeting, it reminded me of something that happened in the MTC.  Several Elders and I were swapping stories and I told them some of the things that Dad´s done.  Growing up in Capitol reef, raising horses, living in a remote part of Alaska for 4 years, and other awesome stuff like that.  One of the Elders commented ´´Man.  You´re Dad sounds like the most interesting man alive!´´  I remember thinking ´´Yup!  He probably is!´´

The storms here can be pretty crazy.  We get way more lightning here than we do with the storms in CA.  I saw one storm in the distance a couple of weeks ago where there was a lightning strike about every second (I timed them).  The storm that we had here in Itumbiara was pretty heavy too.  When it rains here it pours, but we love it :)  I love it when it rains, and lightning just looks awesome.  

Congrats on getting you permit, Savannah!  That´s so awesome!  Maybe you´ll help me get the hang of driving again when I get back :)  Keep practicing and always try to find something that you can do better!

Congrats on nailing the job down and moving to Orem, Amy and Trevor!  That´s so awesome!  Keep me up to date on how that goes.

I love you all!  Have a wonderful week!  I look forward to reading all of your E-mails next Monday!


Elder Sweet    

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