Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Impressed by the Message of the Restoration

Here´s just another random picture that I took,
 it was really hot that day.
 Well, I love you guys!  Talk to you Monday
Hey there Fam!

How are all of you doing?  Sorry about not Emailing you all yesterday like Elder C. said in his Email.  Elder S. and I didnt get back from Goiânia until around 9:30pm, so we had to push E-mail back another day.  Hopefully that wont happen again for a little while.  

So, this has been a crazy week!  We got a call on Thursday saying that there were some emergency transfers going on, and that Elder A. was being transferred to Anapolis.  My new companion is named Elder S.  So, we were supposed to get the other two assistants last Friday, but one of them got a really bad infection in his foot.  To compensate, one of the mission secretaries (Elder S.) came to Itumbiara instead and Elder S. (the assistant) is staying in Goiânia working as a secretary until his foot heals.  Now we have got a total of 8 missionaries in Itumbiara, and we are all in one massive companionship.  We submit our numbers together, basically everything.  As far as the mission is concerned, we are a big octet!  We go on splits each day, so we get to work with a different missionary each day.  Elder S. has been assigned as my trainer so he and I have companion study together each morning, but I could end up working with anyone during the day.  Right now we have me, Elder O., Elder M. (District Leader), Elder S. (Mission Secretary), Elder L. (Assistant to the President), and Elder C. (Assistant to the President).  I got pretty dang lucky; I basically get to be trained by the assistants.  This rocks, let me tell you!
Elder M. is such a boss. 
That just comes with being Peruvian though...

My trip to Goânia was pretty interesting too.  We had a pretty aweful bus on the way there.  Im not trying to complain or anything, Im just ´´calling it as I see it´´ as Dad would say.  There was no AC, which is pretty rough in the Brazilian summer.  We took a really wierd route and people were getting off every 15 or 20 minutes, so what should have taken 3 hours took 5.  We were even on a dirt road at one point, that was kind of wierd.  We made it to Goiânia alive and well though, and had some awesome milkshakes!  The next day we got up at 5am to go to the Federal Police station to pick up my visa.  We tried to get there first so that we could put our names first on the appointment list.  As it turns out though, the guy who was working there gave us the wrong list.  When we came back later that day, they told us that we were not on the list and that we would have to come back Friday.  President K. told us to go back to Itumbiara and come back on Thursday.  So, tomorrow I am getting back on another bus and riding all the way to Goiânia again!  Hopefully we get the right list this time!  Also, the bus that we had on the way back was increível!  It had so much foot room and the seats reclined way back, so it was basically like having a bed.  There was AC and the seats were super comfortable too.  I would ride in that bus anywhere!  
Elder S. actually served here in Itumbiara for 5 transfers, 
and he said it is super safe, so I will try to take more pictures this next week!  
Here are a few!

I also learned that if you want miracles to happen on your mission, you need to be a missionary that God can trust.  Monday two weeks ago, right after I sent my previous Email to you Elder Antunes and I were out working.  We were talking with everyone, and doing our very best to be excellent missionaries.  It was wierd how much more success we had that day.  We had three people that we contacted tell us to come into their house right then and share our message, and a couple others that we visited the next day.  They were all very impressed by the message of the restoration, and 5 of them said that they wanted to be baptized right after the first lesson.  If we are talking with everyone, teaching with power and authority, and testifying of this gospel whenever we can, God does the finding and the teaching and we are simply the mouths.  Thats the secret, showing God that he can trust you with his work.  When you do that, he begins to put people in your path who are prepared.  

I love you guys tons!  Talk to you again on Monday!

Tons of love,

Elder Sweet

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