Monday, February 2, 2015

Conversion Is Consistently Being True

Hey all!

Well, my first transfer in Brazil is officially over!  I´m getting a new companion, but I haven´t met him yet.  He´ll arrive sometime this week.  His name is Elder Uboldi.  He´s from Argentina.  I actually met a friend of his while I was serving in Arizona!  The further I get into my mission the smaller the world seems.  Anyhow, about this week!

The octet has officially ended.  Elder Creer is going home to California (did I mention that he knows Burke, Mom´s cousin?  He´s in the same ward that they are), Elder Sales (my trainer) is going back to the mission office, and Elder Loreiro is going on another assignment from President Kuceki to help prep an area that is also getting a new chapel.  Elder Manrique is being transferred, which leaves me and Elder Oliveira here.  Elder Oliveira will be training a new missionary this transfer, and like I said I´ll be receiving my new companion in a couple of days.

Also, do you remember the family that I talked about a couple of weeks ago that was super prepared?  They got baptized!  I´ll attach a picture to this E-mail.  We have a couple other investigators that we´re working with right now, but we do have some more finding to do.  One of our investigators took us to his ´´hauncho´´ for lunch a couple of days ago too.  It´s a nice house that he has right outside of town next to the river here.  It was super cool!  Elder S. said that I might see a Toucan, but no luck this time.  I´ve seen one toucan so far, but it just flew over so I didn´t get a picture.  Maybe next time!  I also saw a tortoise yesterday.  I took a picture with it, so I´ll attach that to the E-mail too.  

That´s about all that happened this week, it wasn´t too crazy.  In any case, I´ll share a quick thought of the day!  

Elder Bednar rocks.  That´s all.

Okay, I´m joking.  There´s more!  So, like I said, Elder Bednar rocks.  What I love is how he sums complex principles up in just a few words.  It´s simple enough that you can think about it and discover more about those principles on your own.  In a talk he gave at the MTC about hearing the voice of the Lord, he gave the following definitions:

A testimony is knowledge that is revealed to us through the Holy Spirit

Conversion is consistently being true to what you know.  

As I was thinking about those a couple weeks ago, I noticed something that needed to change in my own life.  I realized that my testimony far outweighed my action.  In other words, I know far more than I am consistently true to.  When we´re in this situation, when our testimonies outweigh our actions, according to Elder Bednar's definitions what we lack is conversion.  This, obviously, is a problem!  So how do can we combat this?  One way that I´m finding to be effective is this:  I pray to heavenly father and ask him to bless me with a deepening conversion.  After that, I tell him that today I am going to do all that I can to act in accordance with my testimony, and in return I ask that he blesses me with a conversion equal to the action that I give.  That way, I´m putting my foot forward and showing God my faith in my testimony and in his ability to bless me with the conversion that I seek.  

Well, that´s all folks!  I miss you all like crazy, but I truly am loving my mission.  Have a wonderful week and keep in touch!

Elder Sweet

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