Monday, February 16, 2015

Cut to the Good Stuff!

Okay, I´m a bit short on time today so I´ll cut to the good stuff!

 We´ve been teaching a man named M. for the past week or two.  He´s super awesome!  He´s 19 years old and is a 4th division professional soccer player for the team Coríntios in São Paulo.  He´s in Itumbiara right now studying at a school here, and his teams paying for it all.  It´s a pretty sweet gig!  Anyhow, he´s super golden.  He´s so eager to live by every principle that we teach him, and God plays a major role in his life.  Hopefully he´ll be getting baptized in a couple of weeks.  I can definitely see him serving a mission in a year or two.  That would be so cool!  

   This week has been quite a roller coaster ride.  Elder O. was emergency transferred.  Enough about that, though!  The missionary that he was training, Elder P, is now in a threesome with Elder U. and I.  Elder U. is training 2 missionaries at once now, and apparently this is the first time that this has happened in this mission for a long time.  It´s going pretty well, they´re pretty awesome.  We´ve got some pretty high goals to reach and we´re working hard to do so.  I´ve been working on talking to more people during the last week, and it´s going well!  I´m trying to take 6 adresses each day.  

   Mom, a couple of weeks ago you asked about the culture in Brazil and if there´s anything that´s different or difficult to get used to. For the most part no.  The culture is actually somewhat similar to the US.  One thing that is different is that in Brazil it´s not rude to use commands.  In english it´s kind of rude to say ´´give me that,´´ or ´´get me this,´´ but in Portuguese that´s perfectly fine.  Other than that, people here shake hands differently.  That´s not too rough to deal with though :)

   It´s also been raining a lot lately.  We use clothelines here, so that means that our clothes never really dry.  That´s a problem!  Our washing machine broke too, so our white shirts haven´t been so white for the past couple of days.  Hopefully we´ll get that fixed today though.  I´ll let you know how that goes!
Brazilian Sweets

My birthday was awesome too.  The other missionaries here threw a surprise party for me at thechapel.  We´re all dirt poor, but they bought me some brazilian sweets and blew up a couple balloons.  It was fun!  I also read Amy and Trevor´s letter today.  Thank you so much for sending that!  You guys rock!  I´ve got to check out now, but know that I love and miss you all!

Keep being awesome!
Elder Sweet

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