Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Elder Bitter

Hey there my totally amazing family!
Left to right: Elder S. (My companion), Elder H. (My roommate), me, and Elder N. (My previous DL)
You guys rock, do you know that?  Thank you so much for all of the letters and packages, you've got no idea how cool it is to get one.  They definitely make my day!  So how's life on the home front?  How're the cut-overs coming, Dad?  How's my car doing?  When does Savannah get her permit?  What's Landon up to?  Have you guys gone fishing again lately?  Tell me what's up!  By the way, thank you so much for that care package and for sending me my totally awesome Brazil futebol jersey!  It's an awesome jersey and it's getting a lot of use.  I've had a couple elders try to buy it off of me actually, but I'm not selling it!  It's too cool...

Well, here's the news on my end.  On Sunday I was called to be the District Leader for the remainder of my time here at the MTC.  The Branch Presidency didn't have time to let us know beforehand, so all of the calls came from the pulpit just like in the olden days! 
It's Brother Sukow!  (a former member of our ward)
This picture is right outside my classroom 
It was fun.  

I also met a Senior missionary here named "Elder Bitter."  When he saw my name tag he couldn't help but come and introduce himself! 

Nothing new on my Visa, but a lot have come through lately.  One of the other districts decided to fast that their visas would come through, and half of theirs came through the next day!  Pretty cool!

So how'd Trevor's interview go? ... Anyhow, I hope that everything's going well and that Trevor gets the job he wants!  I've attached some more photos,
and a link to one of my favorite Mormon messages.  I like how Elder Christofferson talks about God cutting us down, so that he can build us up into something greater.  

Also, have you heard David Archuleta's song "Glorious?" It's for the church film "Meet the Mormons."  I'm amazed at the success that the film has had; after just 10 days it was the 37th most successful documentary ever, and it was in the nationwide top 10 highest grossing film list for the week it came out.  I'm sure the Red Cross is pretty happy, seeing as they get all of the profits!  

The church is doing some other really cool things in the near future, we got a sneak peak at a devotional a couple of weeks ago.  I'm not supposed to talk about it though,
so you guys can just keep guessing!
                             Thanks for pointing me to the "We lived with God" film,
                                                           It was awesome!
 I love you all so much!  I've got the best family ever!  Thank you for your prayers and letters, they mean a lot to me.  Talk to you soon!

Elder Logan Sweet

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