Friday, October 31, 2014

Arizona, Tucson Mission

Hey all!  

We usually don't get to E-mail on non P-day's, but I'm told this is an exception!  This is my reassignment letter, I will be serving in the Arizona, Tucson mission until my Visa comes through!  I'm so excited!!!  There are a pair of Sister Missionaries in my mission going to Cape Verde, and they leave on the 10th and arrive in Cape Verde on the 13th.  That's a lot of traveling!  My flights will probably be a bit shorter :)  My companion got his Visa as well, so he's going straight to Goiania!

My district has been through a bit of an emotional roller coaster today.  One of the Elders in our district went home today.  He said that there is something going on at home that he has to help with, and as soon as it is resolved he'll be back in the field.  I don't think we realized how close we had grown together over the past month.  It was so neat to see the district pull together to support him and one another.  After that, we all got our reassignments or itineraries, which was so exciting!  I think that as a whole our district is going to sleep pretty well tonight, it's been a long day!  I am loving my mission more with every day, and can't wait to serve the people in Tucson!

I'm so glad that your cut-overs are going well Dad!  I hope that you get a new contract secured soon, too.  Do you think H. F. will bring you on again?  

I have had some interesting insights lately too, but I'll write it up in a letter so I can give you some more details.   Watch the mailbox for my letter!

I love you all so much, and I hope that you can feel that.  The hour we get each week feels like hardly enough time to keep in touch with those we love, but it's what I have.  I do love you tremendously.  

Talk to you soon!
Elder Sweet

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