Monday, July 18, 2016

Transferred!!! Kind of...

Members from P!  

The new Assistant to the President Elder B
Hey all!
   So, this letter´s going to be really quick!  Anyhow, here´s what´s up!  I´ll continue as Assistant, but now I´ve got a new Junior companion named Elder O.  He´s got 10 months on the mission and I´m really excited to work with him!  He´s a great missionary, very dedicated to the work!  The new Assistant is Elder B.  I sent a picture with him.  He´s got 1 year on the mission, and as well is an excellent missionary!  He´s very excited for the new assignment and is full of new ideas to help the mission grow!  

   We´re also going to a different area, and I think that I´m officially breaking a mission record!  I´m going back the G. Ward!!!  This is the third time that I´ve been assigned to work in this ward, so there´s probably someone there that the Lord wants me to find, but that I didn´t find the first two times he put me there!  So, I´ve got 6 weeks to do a miracle there and find this person! 

   We´re going to be doing a lot of divisions, so actually I´m going to have more time out of my own area this transfer than in it.  This week we´ve got the leadership meeting, and after that we´re going to R.  on a division and then we´re going to have a Zone Conference there with President B.!  It´s going to be a lot of fun!

   Saying goodbye to everyone in P. was difficult.  This has been another one of those areas where I really put my soul into the work.  Although we didn´t see many results, many great seeds have been planted.  P, a young man that we found several months ago, passed through a phase of doubt, but just a few days ago told us that he was absolutely certain that everything that we´ve taught is true, and that he wanted to be baptized.  Unfortunately, his parents are against the baptism and he´ll have to wait until he´s 18.  But I feel that he´s well on the way to true conversion, and will likely be baptized a few years from now.  Z. is also very solid in her resolve to live the gospel.  She cried when we said bye to her and her son G. yesterday, but said that she´s extremely grateful to the Lord for having led us to her to help her come to a knowledge of the fulness of the gospel, and she also promised us that she´ll persevere until the end, and do everything necessary to be baptized.  I´m sure that the Lord has great plans in mind for her and her son G!

I´ve got to go now, but I love each of you a ton!  Thank you so much for your prayers!

Elder Sweet

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