Monday, April 4, 2016

Conference was AWESOME!

Hey guys!

   So what did you all think of the INCREDIBLE General Conference that we had?  Man, it seems like each conference just gets better as time goes on.  It´s amazing how much we can learn from the words of the prophets if we´re in tune to the spirit, and how individualized the counsel that we receive can be.

   This weeks going to be pretty busy!  On Wednesday we have the Mission Leadership meeting, so Elder Z. and I are working hard to prepare our training for them, and as always we´re excited to hear what President K. has to say as well!  

   Anyhow, I hope that everyone had a wonderful General Conference and I pray that we all seek the Lord to know how we, individually, need to apply the teachings of his prophets and apostles in our lives.  I know that as we seek him in the attitude of prayer and fasting, pondering on the words that we heard, that the heavens will be opened to us and the Holy Ghost will whisper to us in the quiet moments what it is that we must do.  Let´s not lose this opportunity!

   I love you all, have a great week!

Elder S.

(I´ll send pics in a minute!)

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