Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Text Messages from Atlanta!

Text: "Sister Sweet,
I'm enjoying dinner with your son before he jumps on the plane to Brazil.  He sounds great and I'm sure he's going to be a great missionary.  Have a great evening.
Jason T. from Bountiful, Utah."

Text: "Just had a nice visit with your son. 
He will be a great missionary!"

Text: "Here is Hna. T. in Honduras." 

The T. Family saw Elder Sweet in the Atlanta Georgia Airport and invited him to their table, they were on their way home with their daughter who had served in the Tegucigalpa Honduras mission.  Logan mentioned his cousin Jonah B. had recently returned from serving in that mission and Hna. T. said she knew him!  So we asked for a picture we could forward to Jonah.  We're grateful to the T. family who loaned Logan their cell phone and allowed us to have a conversation with him for about 20 min.  It was the last we heard from Logan until the next day when we called the Mission office in Brazil and learned he arrived safely and was actually sitting in the chair across from the Elder we were talking to!  

We Thank the T. family who reached out to Logan and made his long trip to Brazil a lot more interesting.  We felt like Heavenly Father knew where Logan was and put this family in his path.  It's a tender Mercy we are grateful for! 

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