Monday, December 8, 2014

Brazil Goiania Mission Address

Brazil Goiania Mission
Rua 18, 110, Salas 1105 a 1107
Ed Business Center, Setor Oeste
74120-080 Goiania - GO

Atten: Elder Logan Sweet

Mailing Tips:
When you write or send packages use the United States Postal Service, it has a greater chance of getting to him in the shortest amount of time because the Mission can forward USPS mail and cannot forward other types of mail.  Also address Elder Sweet as Elder Logan Sweet because there may be another missionary with the same last name.  Smaller packages under 4 lbs are best with no more than 7 items with a total value of less than $15.00 and he won't be charged again for customs.  
Thank you!  : )

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