Monday, December 7, 2015

"God needs brave sons."

Families and Prayer


I was reading the first Presidency message a few days ago, and once again was amazed by the example that Dr. Henry Eyring displayed and the love that President Henry B. Eyring has for him.  It was interesting the answer that he recieved from God to his prayer: "God needs brave sons."

   This caused me to reflect on the times that I´ve received answers to my prayers, and I noticed that all such answers have been childlike in simplicity, but marvelous in their depth.  He knows how to comfort us in the most trying of circumstances with just four simple words, and with that our pain somehow melts away and we see the bigger picture.  Perhaps this has more to do with the innate trust we have in our Father;  our fears melt away in trust and confidence in his divine wisdom.

 Anyhow, just thought that I´d share that thought with you guys really quick.  I love you all so much, 

Thanks for everything,
Elder Sweet

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