Monday, November 17, 2014

Arizona is a wonderful place!

Hello my wonderful Family!

Just before soccer!  The sun was right in my eyes when we took the pic,
 but I did an okay job of forcing a smile!

   How are you all doing?  I hope that school's going well for Savannah and Landon, and that's life treating you all well!  What's the status on the move, Amy and Trevor?  Let me know!  I'm loving Arizona so far, the people here are great and I've got an awesome trainer.  He has us working so hard, it's awesome!  We're working with 16 people right now, but none of them are investigators.  Re-activation is important too though, and I've really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about why we go to church each week.  I learn so much from teaching these principles to people.  There's a young man that we've been trying to contact for the last several days named D.  He has an LDS friend, and apparently he's been reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church functions a lot.  He came to Stake conference a couple weeks ago, and also told the missionaries that he'd be interested in learning more about the church!  It's difficult to catch him at home though, so hopefully our schedules will line up soon.

   Arizona is a wonderful place, but it certainly is different.  Elder C. and I did what we call a "Park and Walk" last night to go to our dinner appointment.  We parked our car at the entrance of our neighborhood, and then walked in to the house where we were eating dinner.  Either nobody in Arizona likes walking, or they all have "missionary detectors" and hide whenever we get within half a mile, but whatever the case may be it's pretty rare for us to find people on the street.

After our dinner appointment, we were leaving to walk back to our car.
Arizona sunsets are gorgeous!

I loved that comic you sent me, it was so funny!
 I'll have to see if I can print it out and put it up in my room somewhere! 
Brother W, the member who's house we ate at, told us to be careful of snakes on the road as we walked back.  We both had forgotten our flashlights, so we had to walk in nearly pitch black for the half a mile or so back to our car.  Every now and then we'd here a rattling off the side of the road, but most of them were probably caused by bushes moving in the wind.  Luckily it was pretty cool out, otherwise we might not have been the only ones on the road!  Elder C. and I are definitely going to carry our flashlights with us from now on!  Snakes are something that I never had to worry about back home, but I'm definitely learning to be a bit more mindful.
 Well, I love you all and miss you!  I hope that everything back home is going well, keep me up to date!  Have an awesome week, and I'll talk to you next week!
Elder Sweet


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